• What kind of hotel is Islands Stay?

    Islands Stay Hotels is a value-chic hotel chain that caters to the modern-day traveler. It's a growing trend internationally as more and more travelers look for value over unnecessary frills.

  • Is this a backpacker’s hotel?

    No, it's not. In fact, businessmen on-the-go, young professionals, and other leisure travelers prefer the hip ambiance and trendy design of the hotel.

  • How do I make a reservation?

    Booking a room is easy! Simply log on to islandsstay.com and you can book online. You can also call our Uptown branch at (+63 32) 267 – 9756 & (+63 915) 539 – 4118 or our Mactan branch at (+63 32) 518 – 4915 & (+63 915) 539 – 3133. Or email us at booknow@islandsstay.com.

  • What are the models of payment for the hotel?

    Islands Stay Hotels accepts payments through all major credit cards, Megalink and Bancnet ATM cards, Paypal, GCash, Smart Money, and bank deposits.

  • What are your rooms like?

    We have four room classifications -- Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Each room has a hot-and-cold rain shower, flatscreen TV (with USB port for your movies, music, and travel photos), and free wifi access in the lobby.

  • How far is Islands Stay from the airport?

    Islands Stay-Uptown is about thirty minutes from the airport. The Mactan branch is less than three minutes from the airport by car.

  • Are you open to franchising?

    Yes, we are. Islands Stay Hotels has the business model that works out of the box and is ideal for franchising. For more information, please email franchise@theislandsgroup.com.